Involuntary Semantic Memories Part One . . .

Virtue signaling is akin to a 24 month year old being excited about their switch to pull-up diapers. They will tell anyone they come in contact with to exclaim I’m a big kid now! It’s adorable and endearing because of the age. However, if you’re an adult doing cartwheels and jumping around like an idiot with your “I Voted!” or “I Got Vaccinated!” sticker, you need to take your selfie with your free donut and go somewhere far away. While you psychosomatically drone on about how you are saving the Republic Democracy or saving countless lives, you incoherently believe your place of residence is ridding the world of tyrant regimes therefore saving lives. Ooooooh, so close.  You may be worse than a vegan. That’s right plant city freak. Get on that 100% vegan soap box of yours and exclaim how you will never eat meat for moral reasons while Felipe is harvesting, in effect killing spinach, swiss chard, kale or whatever greenery you consume from that organic farm in San Luis Obispo. Hey Faustus, conjure up any narrative to make you feel good about eating vegetables only but at the end of the day when all is said and all is done, plants are living and breathing. Maybe for moral purposes you shouldn’t eat vegetables either?  I would suggest eating crow but I digress.


Music: Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong-Gene Harris 

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