Eccentrically Speaking . . .

Why would anyone desire to be a conformist? We have been living in this world known as America where the mantra has been: Be yourself! Express yourself! Then you be yourself, then you express yourself. Whoooops! Not like that! Lee Jun Fan famously spoke ofHonestly expressing yourself  honestly expressing yourself when speaking of the martial artist. Obviously, his words of wisdom can be applied to anything and everything. This is not a praxis in our follow aimlessly because everyone is doing it society. Many moments that appear to be truly authentic disintegrate into justifications, finger pointing or mental issues. I understand. Society in general waterboards us with nonsense that doesn’t do anything for us except keep the individual in a constant state of stupidity. There is too much focus to be accepted. This ship should have sailed after the indoctrination graduation of high school.

The problem I have observed for many decades is most people are stuck with the high school mentality. Part of this high school mentally is all about conforming. Tied into this is the illogical healthy competition among one’s peers. Those who do not follow along a) are outcasts, or b) couldn’t care less. This behavior continues for most throughout their lifetime. There are some who go through some kind of cathartic moment and have a true awakening. Why do you think high schools have reunions? Reunions are not to see your old friends. It’s a urination contest to see how your success compares to your fellow following ass peers. It’s also an opportunity to see if the class Mic drop!outcast ended up in jail. Lo and behold, he runs the bank you have your accounts at. The class druggie doesn’t even know the bank he runs holds your accounts nor does he care. He greets everyone like the class act he has become. He knows where he came from and he knows where he’s at. He speaks clearly and concisely so no one can misconstrue or misunderstand what he is saying. He only reflects on the past to understand who is in the present and what direction he hopes to go in the future. He didn’t conform to high school norms and/or mores (môr′āz). He trusts the universe not some cult leader whether it be a politico, a celebrity, an athlete, the class President or some buffoon on Instagram. Who is the deviant now?

Conformity is considered the yellow brick road to opportunity, benefits and a feeling of belonging. But one can still secure opportunity, benefits and a feeling of belonging sans denigrating their soul and sticking their head so far up their peer pressuring, bullying friend’s ass that he will brush your teeth at the same time as he brushes his. Too much fluoride. Well that figures! We have seen this past year as well as five months into 2021, how severe conformity can be. It’s not gratifying whatsoever. The virtue signaling I wrote of days ago does go hand in hand with conformity. A chest-thumping moment. Instant gratification. How ya livin'?!The moral declarative of being with the pack. What? A pack of wolves? I don’t think so gaesaekki. How about a pack of sardines? Oily, salty and lifeless. The overzealous yearning to belong draws many into the heavenly body of conformity. Some do this without knowing it. However if one takes some time to observe their own actions in comparison to others, well it’s introspection time! It is moments like this where one can truly get a grip on who they really are. To be inundated with images of what society wants you to be, the constant one upsmanship, and other unnecessary stressors, it will either make you an automaton or a human being. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.


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