Whatever Happened To . . .

Integrity? There are tons of interpretations as well as definitions all over the internet howbeit the one I will use comes from a real, 2230 page hardcover book, the Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary. It is defined as: the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honestyBy the appearance of this definition, not much of this has been around during the last year as well as parts of this year. Then again to some degree, it’s always been this way. There are many scenarios where integrity gets thrown out like a mask during the pandemic. In business, academia, media, politics, athletics, everyday life etc., people feign being one with integrity. But the ones who have it can see those people are so full of crap they need Ex-Lax. It’s one thing to seize opportunity, it’s another thing being an opportunist.

One example of integrity that resonated with me was the exchange between Hercules and King Eurystheus from the movie Hercules:

I  wanted  nothing!

Precisely! Your sin, Hercules, was that you had no ambition! I can deal with an ambitious man! He can be bought! But a man who wants nothing has no price!

Now if you believe Lord Cotys was an ambitious man, you obviously do not understand what an opportunist is and you may be lacking integrity. It’s on you to figure it out. No one else.


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