Involuntary Semantic Memories Part Two . . .

It never ceases to amaze me or irritate me, people and their blind loyalty to their tribe. Don’t get me wrong, not all tribes are bad. The ones I speak of attract fanatical devotees from all walks of life. Again, these tribes are in business, academia, media, politics, athletics, and everyday life. For example, your neighbor next door named Gary complains about those who cross the border and liberally throws racial epithets to describe them. He is a bible thumpin’ extreme right wing loon conservative. He’s a military vet who saw no action and is still pissed off about it. He thinks Fox News is the most honest online fishrag ever created. He has an organic garden because he doesn’t trust the produce at the local market. This, while he sprays it with products from Scotts Organic line. He believes the top 1% pay the most taxes and doesn’t care what you think because capitalism. He drives a Chevy Silverado because he emphatically states, It’s made in ‘Murica! But we know his American made truck was built at General Motors de México Complejo Silao, Planta Motores. ¡Órale! Ironically your other neighbor named Kyle, who lives with his parents, drives a Chevy Volt which was made in America. He believes he’s saving the world by driving a hybrid. But he is clueless about the long term environmental hazards of lithium ion. He is a co-opting Gen Z extreme left-wing loon liberal who believes in Marklar. He welcomes open borders. He despises the military except in most extreme cases. He thinks CNN is the paramount of true information. He is against GMOs but drinks Starbucks everyday. He has great disdain for billionaires because he believes they are robbing the system. Nonetheless he shops at Whole Foods.

Gary and Kyle don’t like each other. How do you know? You live in the residence between them and have to listen to their rants against each other. They’re not bad people. As a matter of fact, they’re endearing, caring individuals however, in so many words you couldn’t care less about their muthaffffin’ tribes! It’s amazing, the self-induced divide and conquer people place upon themselves in the name of their tribe. If people would take the masks off and take the time to speak to one another, maybe there wouldn’t be so many prejudices plaguing parts of our world aka America?


Music: Castaway-(feat. MISO)-Crush

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