Commitment To Excellence . . .

Was once the powerful tagline of the Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. However, most will tell you the team hasn’t been excellent or anything remotely within that neighborhood in decades. One would want to believe, there is an ebb and flow in life. You know? Ups and downs in everything. All of us go through them with the intention of being up to spec, being at full power videlicet excellent. Yet something has happened: mediocrity. While some may argue it has always been there for which I wholeheartedly agree, I will say in the same breath there has been a concerted effort to push this lame-ass mechanism on society. Great speeches are replaced with when the going gets tough, quit! 

Mediocrity in lay terms can be defined the difference of squatting 315lbs for 9 reps knowing you can do 15 reps. Proponents of society have conveyed this unspoken nod to mediocrity to whoever and whenever possible. The unfortunate outcome it has permeated those generations who never embraced such tomfoolery. Being excellent, bringing your A-game or always giving your best doesn’t not mean pushing the pedal to the floor wol, hwa, su, mok, geum, to, il. The individual has to have some semblance of balance. In addition, should be in competition with one’s self. The other side of the coin would absolutely condone running one’s self ragged in an effort to be excellent. This is just as asinine as thinking being mediocre is the way to be. As previously aforementioned, balance.

As one can observe what being mediocre has done to society. Do I need to mention the mediocrity in academia? The mediocrity in business practices? The mediocrity in products we use every day? The mediocrity in media? The mediocrity in politics? The mediocrity in conversations? The mediocrity in relationships? The mediocrity in self-worth? The mediocrity in caring for the environment? The mediocrity in research methods? The mediocre in organizations world wide? The mediocrity in medical practices? Etc.? I could do a George Carlin dirty words list and call it a mediocre list! Ultimately, it doesn’t take long for mediocrity to fall into substandard. Wait a minute, I am pretty sure and you quote me on it, we are there with some of the above if not all but I digress. I don’t know where we are going as a society and to type about it would take much, much effort on my part. So, in the spirit of mediocrity, I’m going to conclude this post. Why? Because society stated it is OK for me to be mediocre.


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