Involuntary Semantic Memories Part Three . . .

I do not care for politics in every aspect of life. It almost seems like it’s a bad joke for those of us who understand it is one the biggest lies served on Dollar Tree paper plates to the general population. Maybe it was a gut feeling I had that alerted me the majority of these public servants are not to be trusted. Or maybe I suffer from a disorder that shuts down the idol worship gene. While I do not care for them, I can speak on them quite well. Throughout the years, I always laughed scoffed at the people who ran around like a bunch of badgers screaming to vote. They’re passing out their candidate’s swag in an effort to get you hooked. These proponents of change always spoke condescendingly to you if you didn’t go along to get along. Never is there a true inquiry to why you feel the way you do. It is just a concerted bullying effort to get you to buy into the Lemming Effect. Bullying, hmmm. If life had a human resources department, I’d guaran-damn-tee most would put on the clown shoes and show you Barnum & Bailey never went out of business. Please excuse the momentary deviation. Both sides partake in the brainwashing seeing they themselves were brainwashed. You are aware of the old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I must have stuck my head, straight up my candy ass sideways. Or something like that.

I observed, learned and digested many years ago it was a bunch of rubbish. However, I do understand why people vote. I don’t agree with their train of thought. In my opinion, ni shi fengzi. But we are still cool. You, do you. Kureyo? Navigating on, the aftermath of this last election placement is most comical as we are watching this develop. Buyer’s remorse I believe it is called and it’s application is centered on the promises that were broken like some of the products manufactured in China. The virtue signaling, chest bumping and jumping around like a child on the holiday once known as Christmas for their candidate who won, in hindsight appears quite ridiculous. Or is that ridonkulous? What is preposterous is the amount of justifications conjured up to keep the narrative clean as possible. It wasn’t their fault. It was the other guy/gal/non-binary/alien/entity/gender-fluid/whatthefuckever. It was because of blah, blah, blah. They were having a bad day. It doesn’t have to do anything with this person’s questionable character. Heaven forbid, you got fooled. Again. At the end of the day, these types will embody the Rita Mae Brown quote. And for those like me, it’s pretty simple.


Music: 보통사람 (Feat. 블랙넛)




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