Living In A World Of Hypocrisy . . .

Can be most difficult to navigate especially when one reflects back to late 2019. Then again, there is a healthy amount of individuals who have been navigating it since they truly began to pay attention. Woke for those of you who are syllabically challenged. Critical argumentation teaches one to argue the points, not the person. Modern day argumentation teaches one to trash the person into submission. A hybrid of the 2 makes me yell: Get the tables!!! I make no excuses for my brief moment of gratuitous violence sprinkled with my introspections.

Two of the biggest hypocrisies I have observed are the laying it on too thick love as well as the lack of love for our fellow human beings. I look at the current situation centered on an Olympic champion. I’ve read and listened to all of the comments, good and bad about Simone Biles. All of sudden, everyone is an expert on Simone. At the end of the day, the woman has to do what is best for her mental. The ones who have displayed their true character and have attempted to denigrate this woman’s character, well they can suck it. The same overture is extended to those whose words are nothing but channeling the overindulgent ass-kissing of an office politician. I’m pretty sure quoting one of the most brilliant minds in our time would have sufficed simply with keep your head up! Those words are kinder and do more than calling her a coward or calling her a hero. She is neither. She is a human being.

I guaran-damn-tee if anyone of us were in her situation, we wouldn’t enjoy the craptastic display of rotten human character. It is truly hypocritical, at a time someone needs help and the self-serving societal lamia sprint to their cue of speaking about a subject that most likely they could not correlate to their train-wreck of an existence. Damn! That was a mouthful. Let me end it here. Just do your best to be a good human being. We need more good people than we need 병신아.


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